We believe in meeting our needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This means constructing sustainable homes which are strong and warm.

We have embraced the use of solar energy and all our homes come fitted with an integrated solar system.

We began a programme of planting native trees in October 2009 which ensures we protect the genetic diversity that is unique to Orkney and this in time will result in landscaping people can associate with.

We have published an environmental policy, which is available on request; the following is a summary of our commitments to the environment:

  • We will build homes that are designed to last for generations
  • We will build practical homes that are modest in size
  • We will construct homes that are healthy to live in
  • We will continue to invest in cost effective ways of insulating our homes
  • We will manage rainwater and redirect it back to the water table
  • We will fit solar panels to all our houses
  • We will be responsible to the local ecology
  • We will continue as a team to challenge conventional building methods to produce sustainable homes, powered by renewable resources which are thermally efficient.